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The most critical part of addiction recovery is the re-balancing of a drug or alcohol abuser's brain chemistry through the process of detox. White Plains drug rehab centers offer you assistance with finding a rehab facility. Once you find a comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction recovery program - you can begin detox. A highly-trained staff of medical professionals provides each patient expertise and experience with support and compassion, as they assist and monitor them through the detox process. They strive to make each patient as comfortable as possible as they transition from substance abuse and addiction into recovery and renewed hope.

How the Chemistry of Addiction Works

Understanding the brain's chemistry helps us to better understand the disease of addiction. Brain chemicals called neurotransmitters relay, intensify and alter signals between other brain cells and neurons. When an addictive drug is introduced into the body, whether it is heroin, alcohol, Valium or cocaine, the brain gets flooded with a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for producing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment, and is associated with the brain's reward center.

In a healthy and stable brain, dopamine is released when a person is experiencing pleasure. However, chronic use of alcohol and drugs reduces the brain's ability to produce its own dopamine, which is why addicts become unable to experience pleasure without drugs or alcohol. Eventually, the body cannot physically function without the drug, and the individual cannot feel pleasure without increasing their dosage, thus building their tolerance and dependence. This dependency on the drug to feel happiness can easily lead to addiction.

The Process of Detoxification

Detoxification allows the body to rid itself of any and all traces of addictive substances while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. The detox process is the first step in any drug or alcohol treatment program, and is then followed by treatment with behavioral-based therapy. Patients may also receive medications to help deal with intense withdrawal and reduce cravings, especially if you're going through detox for alcohol abuse. The staff at drug detox centers White Plains is experienced and trained to help individuals seeking treatment find the appropriate rehab facility. They can also talk you through the process. This can help to reduce the symptoms patients may begin to feel during the process. Once patients have made it through the initial stage of recovery, they'll start attending individual and group therapy sessions during the rehabilitation period of recovery. Therapy can help them identify and cope with the relapse triggers that led to drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug Detox Facilities

Many residential rehab facilities are now requiring that their patients go through the detoxification procedure prior to entering rehab. A full spectrum of rehab treatment is offered at these facilities in order to get clean and sober. White Plains drug treatment centers can help recovering addicts locate treatment services. You can get away from the old habits and temptations that enabled alcohol and drug use and focus on recovery at these facilities. These recovery programs can help reduce the chances of relapse once treatment is completed. Call today at (914) 368-0277 with any concerns or questions you may have about the detox process.

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