Addiction Treatment: Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture is generally used to successfully treat individuals during substance abuse recovery. Recent studies in the addiction field support this addiction treatment approach since it helps patients deal with anxiety and any other disorders they may be struggling with.

The acupunctural approach to addiction treatment helps alleviate biological problems by stimulating a reflex point in the ear, which seems to lessen signs of other pathologies. It has proven to restore the body's chemical balance by regulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and amino acids that are in charge of controlling health and disease. The main types of acupuncture used in addiction treatment originated many years ago, used originally by civilizations such as Greece, Egypt and Rome.

Several conditions such as alcohol withdrawal, obesity and bowel syndrome, and also some types of substance abuse disorders, can be treated with acupuncture. Drug or alcohol addiction can be effectively treated through this procedure. Recent research in the BMJ journal Acupuncture in Medicine shows how ear acupuncture can help patients lose weight when stimulating five points in the ear. Auriculotherapy can also deal with the emotions and physical components linked to addiction. The length of treatment differs depending on the facility and patient's illness. Call 914-368-0277 to discover new options for recovery.

Treatment supervision in many drug rehabilitation and detox centers can include:

  • ACACD Treatment Procedure
  • NADA Treatment Procedure

Numerous neurochemical and behavioral indications confirm auricular therapy's role in lessening the effects of drug addiction, yet there is still some ongoing research on the success of this method.

Some recovery tools such as manual acupuncture and electro-acupuncture are employed in auriculotherapy during substance abuse treatment. This therapeutic approach to treatment is presently used at many detox facilities nationwide. Alternative medicine has slowly been used in patients dealing with addiction and other disorders. There is also evidence that ear acupuncture is beneficial to treat cocaine addiction as a complementary form of treatment. Electro-acupuncture, for instance, lessens withdrawal during heroin detoxification.

While a lot of research still needs to be done on ear acupuncture, auriculotherapy is largely accepted at many drug treatment centers. This treatment method helps with the nervous system's biochemical balance and homeostasis recovery. Auricular therapy, combined with other chemical dependency treatment methods, is very helpful to treat patients struggling with addiction. It can produce calmness and also awareness as recovering addicts withdraw from alcohol or other substances, and it also helps them avoid future relapses. Some courts have endorsed acupuncture as part of all-inclusive drug treatment programs. This decision helps patients recovering from addiction have acupuncture more available at a number of rehab centers.

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